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I imagine it would help for you to see my perspective on why I feel the litter in the Wasatch Mtns. has no place.  Lets start at the beginning.  When i was a young boy scout working on my Eagle project of rebuilding a local public baseball field, my father and I noticed how all the litter seemed to originate in a few spots but would spread over time covering the entire park in a layer of micro-litter.  Seven years later, on my ride-about in 2016, again I became baffled at the choking scenes of litter creation.  Now, as I navigate young adulthood my passion has lead me directly into the grasp of the monster that is our own waste.  For awarding the Trash Hero in me will omit a great light into these mountains.

How can other members help you ?

Lets talk trashy.  I believe that signage is the key!

How can you help other members ?

i have a killer work ethic, and love picking up litter


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