About Trashless

We empower people to make a difference!

When Rosa, founder of Trashless, was looking for ways to do something about the waste pollution, she started realising that the global and complex scale of the problem was an absolute downer for any attempt to solve it.
She figured that the only way to stay motivated to continue changing the world, was to make it easy, joyfull and together with others.

She started organising games and meetups to clean trash in fun and creative ways and met many people who were also concerned about the waste problem and who have also started to do something. She envisioned that if all plastic worriors could join together and make themselves visible on one website, this would give a big message to the world and accelerate the process.

Her dream is for the global community to become so big that one small action (a time), done by all the Trashless members in the world, create positive changes right away.

Making friends + Making impact + Having Fun = Trashless!

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