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How can VR help in the fight against plastic soup
Researchers Guido van Koningsbruggen and Tilo Hartmann have joined forces with University of Amsterdam colleague Hande Sungur and have been awarded funding for their research project ‘Diving into Sustainability’. This project will be using virtual reality (VR) as a learning platform to promote sustainable behaviour.[Read More]
4 Reasons to Ditch Your Shampoo Bottle for a Bar
SHAMPOO BARS—HAIR CLEANSER in bar soap form—are the latest trend in hair care products. Usually made of natural ingredients to promote hair health, they’re also easier on the environment and great for travel. Here are five reasons to make the switch from bottle to bar.[Read More]
Interview with Stephanie van der Wiel
We had an interview with @stephanievdwiel who travels around the world visiting indigenous people. She tries to help them with solutions how to deal with the plastics they find in their natural surroundings. [embed][/embed][Read More]
Interview with Yahya Ahmed Farouk from snackbar De Buurman Amsterdam
[embed][/embed] Meet Yahya Ahmed Farouk from snackbar De Buurman Amsterdam in #westerpark #amsterdamHe is on a quest to make his snackbar plastic free!And sells great #fries and home made #falafel as well! A true #trashlesshero[Read More]
Interview Dieuwke Reuvers of Trashhero Amsterdam
[embed][/embed]Interview with Dieuwke Reuvers of Trashhero Amsterdam who organises weekly cleanups throughout the city of Amsterdam[Read More]
The Ocean Cleanup aims to tackle the 1,000 most polluting rivers, responsible for about 80% of ocean plastic pollution, before the end of 2025. Today, we unveiled the invention to prevent the unrelenting flow of plastic pollution into the world’s oceans. The Interceptor™, under development since 2015, which complements our founding mission of ridding the world’s oceans of plastic. “To...[Read More]
Italy uses pasta straws to prevent plastic contamination!!
Forget plastic and paper straws. The Italians have found the ultimate solution that ends the straw discussion once and for all: pasta straws. They looked at their world-famous kitchen and thought that hard pasta can we just use as a straw? Another problem that the delicious pasta from Italy knows how to remedy. Pasta never disappoints! Simple and brilliantSo you...[Read More]
Interview with Jeff Kirchner founder of Litterati
Trashless spoke to Jeff Kirschner, founder of Litterati, the mobile app that encourages users to pick up and track litter. Litterati’s 3 million plus users have recorded 3.7 million items of litter and the app is heel simple to use.Just take a picture of a piece of litter, and the app immediately marks it with a geo-tag and time stamp....[Read More]
#plogging #ploggingnetherlands collected
#plogging #ploggingnetherlands collected a lot of trash at #trashlesstival supervised by @sportholistics1 #amsterdamnoord #amsterdam[Read More]
Interview with Tijmen Sissing the Trashpacker
“Hoe is het allemaal begonnen?” “Na een burn out moest ik alles uit mijn agenda schrappen. Door die leegte heb ik toen als stip aan de horizon een reis ingepland, zodat ik weer ergens naar kon toeleven. Ik had een projectje opgezet om in elk land iets waardevols achter te laten, met als naam ‘Spread the sesame’. De letters van...[Read More]
Interview with iamdionyves
Interview by: Gaby Liao Instagram: @iamdionyves Introduction: who are you & what do you do I am a British sustainability blogger located in Munich. I am especially committed to sustainability within fashion and cultures in everyday life. How long have you been concerned and worried about plastic consumption in the world? It was a developing process. I bought less and...[Read More]
Trashless Interview met Sacha Handgraaf
Sacha is de oprichter van het bedrijf Sustainable Inspiration. Zij geeft advies, workshops en gastlessen over duurzaamheid voor mensen en organisaties. Zij heeft een eigen website ( en een instagram account (@sustainable.inspiration) waar je allerlei informatie over haar kunt vinden. Hoelang bent u al begaan met het plastic probleem? Al vanaf heel jong, ik denk dat ik me zorgen begon...[Read More]
Less Trash, More Schools — One Plastic Brick at a Time
Plastic garbage collected by a women’s group is being recycled into bricks and used to build schools in West Africa.[Read More]
Interview Elisah Pals from Zero Waste Nederland
[embed][/embed]Interview Elisah Pals from Zero Waste Nederland[Read More]
Paddling in plastic: meet the man swimming the Pacific garbage patch
Ben Lecomte is spending his summer swimming in trash – literally. So far, he’s found toothbrushes, laundry baskets, sandbox shovels and beer crates floating out in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean. The 52-year-old Frenchman is journeying from Hawaii to San Francisco via the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to better understand how plastic is affecting our oceans. He will...[Read More]
Plastic free vegetables, Ubud, Indonesia
@thebiogonation Yes, yes, yes. It's happening!!! These are pictures from a supermarket in Ubud. Plastic free vegetables wrapped in banana leaf!![Read More]
Waste Only How the plastic industry is fighting to keep polluting the world
article of Sharon Lerner about how the plastic industry works and is battling for survival. For those who don't understand why we as don't accept sponsor money from polluting companies or foundations that are totally funded by the packaging industry this article explains it all! The students at Westmeade Elementary School worked hard on their dragon. And it paid...[Read More]
Sup de Rijp schoon
Vandaag was Sup de Rijp schoon. Georganiseerd door Daniella Ernsting Koorn en Franka van iksupschermer die de supboards verzorgde. Een prachtige dag die leidde langs vele mooie plekjes nauwe slootjes en lage bruggetjes. Veel piepschuim en bouwhout werd gevonden en in de emmers gedaan die vast waren gemaakt op de supboards. Een van de jongeren had dusdanig grote blokken piepschuim...[Read More]
How not to trash the planet at a festival
In the UK, where more than 3 million people go to music festivals each year, an estimated 23,500 tons of waste are produced annually. Almost 70% of this ends up in landfill, according to a report by Powerful Thinking, an organization working to improve the industry's sustainability record. Sleep in a cardboard tent Plastic bottles are not the only items...[Read More]
Beweging in de frisdrankbranche: producent van Royal Club en Sourcy lonkt naar statiegeld
De Nederlandse frisdrankenbranche is erg terughoudend over het uitbreiden van statiegeld naar kleine plastic flesjes. Maar achter de schermen is er beweging. Joop Bouma18 juli 2019, 1:00 Langzaam verbrokkelt in de frisdrankensector de weerstand tegen uitbreiding van statiegeld op kleine plastic flesjes. Bedrijven beginnen te beseffen dat met inzameling zonder premie de doelen die de branche in 2018 afsprak met...[Read More]
Zero Waste Supermarkets Little Plant Pantry
Waste-less grocery shopping can be a challenge nowadays. Even though there are many supermarket brands in the Netherlands that engage in the fight against plastic pollution by reducing their plastic wrappers, a completely plastic free shopping trip is seemingly impossible. Too many ingredients, such as rice, biscuits or even vegetables are packaged in plastic containers resulting from it’s relatively low...[Read More]
Interview Maria Koijck Big problems require big statements
Big problems require big statements Interview with Maria Koijck by Roan Jagersma Every person involved with raising awareness for the plastic problem does it in its own way. For Maria Koijck this means using her art as a way to get people involved with, and aware of plastic. As an art academy graduate, Maria started creating plastic related art after...[Read More]
Canada bans single use plastics from 2021
MONTREAL — Canada on Monday joined a growing global movement with a plan to ban single-use plastics blighting the environment. Announcing the ban next to a lake at the picturesque Gault Nature Reserve in Mont St-Hilaire, outside of Montreal, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he wanted his children to be able to play on the beach or swim in a...[Read More]
Ruganzu utilises waste materials such as
Ruganzu utilises waste materials such as plastic bottles, tyres etc. to create amusement parks for children residing in the slums of Kampala. Ruganzu says: "Play is a neglected and essential component of urban life for kids and, of course, adults too. Play is inextricably linked with health, creativity and innovation. We build recycled playgrounds out of waste to engage children...[Read More]
Interview with #texelplasticvrij People
Interview with #texelplasticvrij People stand up, all over the world, to connect, become creative and do something about it. #trashlesshero #plasticfreeoceans #plasticfreeworld #unenvironment #plasticfreeocean[Read More]
Plastic accounts for 60% of litter in English and Welsh canals
Abandoned plastics now account for 59% of the litter found in canals in England and Wales, according to new research which also reveals that more than half a million plastic items reach the oceans every year from the waterway network. The new findings are from the Canal & River Trust – the charity that looks after 2,000 miles of canals...[Read More]
Company Turns Avocado Pit Waste Into Biodegradable Straws and Cutlery APRIL 15, 2019 AT 4:46 PM
Man figures out how to make bioplastic out of food waste, rather than food, making it as cheap as regular plastic. With all the single-use plastic bans coming into effect around the world, there is a demand for biodegradable alternatives. The trouble is some biodegradable plastics are still made from fossil fuel, and 80 percent of biodegradable “bioplastics” are made...[Read More]
We're Now At A Million Plastic Bottles Per Minute 91% Of Which Are Not Recycled
Please read Forbes most recent article: We're Now At A Million Plastic Bottles Per Minute - 91% Of Which Are Not Recycled. At the very end of the article they say this: Globally, we will have to manage the increasing risk of plastics in our environment and the harmful consequences that lie therein. As any global challenge such as climate...[Read More]
Plastic waste dumped in Malaysia will be returned to UK, US and others
Malaysia will return 450 tonnes of contaminated plastic waste to the countries that shipped it, in a refusal to become a dumping ground for the world's trash. Nine shipping containers at Port Klang, west of Kuala Lumpur, on Tuesday were found to contain mislabeled plastic and non-recyclable waste, including a mixture of household and e-waste. Yeo Bee Yin, minister of...[Read More]
New Zealand's 'Nude' Produce Is Flying Off The Shelves
New Zealand's 'Nude' Produce Is Flying Off The Shelves (by Lucy Jones) Breaking news: people are more likely to buy fruit and vegetables that aren't wrapped in plastic. It has taken several years, and a pretty huge anti-plastic movement, for supermarkets to realise that fresh produce actually sells better when you can see, smell and touch it. Since New Zealand...[Read More]
HLN.BE/ Boeren sturen blikjes terug naar de politici
HLN.BE/ Boeren sturen blikjes terug naar de politici: “Onze koeien sterven erdoor, statiegeld is de oplossing” MAARKEDAL De politici moeten het statiegeld op blikjes zo snel mogelijk invoeren, vinden landbouworganisatie Algemeen Boerensyndicaat (ABS) en milieuorganisatie Recycling Netwerk Benelux. Samen met enkele landbouwers uit Maarkedal voeren ze actie om de politici wakker te schudden. “Zonder statiegeld is het dweilen met de...[Read More]
Almost one million shoes and over 370,000 toothbrushes
they're among the 414 million pieces of plastic found washed ashore on the remote Cocos (Keeling) Islands in the Indian Ocean, according to new research. The study, which was published in the journal Scientific Reports Thursday, found that the Australian territory was littered with 238 tonnes of plastic, despite being home to around 500 people.[Read More]
Starbucks, Dunkin Race Against Bans, Taxes on Disposable Cups
Some 40 million disposable cups get tossed in the city each year, according to the city council, almost one per resident per day. So in January, the city said it will require coffee shops to charge an extra 25-cents for customers who use a take-away cup. “Waiting is no longer an option,” Sophie Hahn, the Berkeley city council member who...[Read More]
Scotland's bottle return scheme deposit to be set at 20p
The Scottish government has outlined its plans for a deposit return scheme for some plastic drinking containers, cans and glass. Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham told MSPs at Holyrood that a "return to retail" model would be adopted. She added that following an extensive consultation the deposit would be set at 20p. The move is part of the government's climate action...[Read More]
More than 3000 kg of trash collected from Mount Everest cleanup
Three metric tons (6,613 pounds) of garbage have been collected from the mountain in just the first two weeks of the scheme, according to AFP. That's about the weight of two SUVs, or a large male hippo. The task is being carried out by a 14-member team, which has been set the task of recovering 10 metric tons within 45...[Read More]
There's no magical land of recycling with rainbows and unicorns.
China's recycling ban has sent America's plastic to Malaysia. Now they don't want it -- so what next? "There's no magical land of recycling with rainbows and unicorns. It's much grittier than that," says Martin Bourque, executive director at the Ecology Center in Berkeley, California, a non-profit group that has been engaged in curbside recycling programs since 1973.[Read More]
2007 Price increase on sodas of 15% due to introduction single use bottles
Article from 2007: Frisdrank wordt volgende maand veel duurder. Producenten van A-merken, zoals Pepsi, Sisi en Seven-Up, verhogen hun prijzen 15 à 20 procent. Huismerken van supermarkten worden 3 à 5 procent duurder. Dat verwachten supermarktbedrijven en fabrikanten. Omdat de onderhandelingen tussen supermarkten en producenten nog lopen, willen zij niet met naam genoemd worden, met uitzondering van discounter Nettorama. Aanleiding...[Read More]
National Science Foundation Awards Litterati Grant to Advance its AI for a Cleaner Planet
On Earth Day, 2019, the National Science Foundation has awarded Litterati a second grant in the amount of $750,000 to advance its machine learning and further its mission to create a litter-free world by using data to plot and identify litter across the planet. The grant is part of the National Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Award and is the second...[Read More]
How to Break Your Single-Use Plastics Habit
Some nice tips from the New York times how to cut back on plastic usage[Read More]