Donations is a project of the Foundation Groene Co-Creaties.
Donations for will be exclusively used for this project.


With every Euro you donate:

  • Single use plastics will be prevented from ending up in the ocean and environments are being cleaned.
  • Schools, companies and the tourist industry will be made aware of the plastic pollution and are given tools to do something about it.
  • Data is gathered which forces the industry to positively change their policy.
  • Organisations and individuals are facilitated to work together and accelerate the process of putting an end to plastic pollution.
  • Social media campaigns will inform and connect individuals all over the world about the plastic pollution and about what they can do about it.
  • Games, festivals and meetups are being created to connect and invite people in a playfull way to make an impact.
  • Spread awareness, clean area’s and gather data in the countries that need it the most.


Take care of yourselve and of the earth!