Packaging foam chips Polystyrene or natural

Packaging foam chips Polystyrene or natural

Packaging foam chips Polystyrene or natural
Date : 2020-05-04

In these troubled times of corona and lockdowns many people depend on online deliveries.
Most companies use different materials for packaging chips or packing peanuts. However there is a big difference in packaging foam chips Polystyrene or natural  even when they look alike. The green ones in this picture are made of plastic while the white ones are made of potatoskin  and used by companies like Lush and de Bolster . Companies like @praxis_bouwmarkt and many others use plastic #EPS  #polystyrenefoam, causing unnecessary plastic waste.  

Do you think the plastic ones are much more expensive? If you check the price for eps chips and the potato based chips you will be surprised.

You can easily check the chips by putting them into water. The bio ones will easily dissolve within seconds.

Ask your online webshop to switch from packaging foam chips Polystyrene to the natural one.

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Packaging foam chips Plastic or natural?

Packaging foam chips plastic or natural, can you tell the difference?


natural foam dissolves in water

If you look at this picture you can see that natural foam dissolves in water, their unnatural counterpart made of plastic doesn’t.

Foam chips on wikipedia


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