Volunteer for trashless

Trashless volunteers

As a Trashless volunteer you help us spread this ripple effect by organising the monthly action in your neighbourhood for friends, neighbours and family and also for our trashless members who live near you. To inspire people to take your example or get motivated to do something as well, share about it on your social media and (if you like and are able) join the action we organise once a month.

Every month we provide you with an email to explain how you can organise your action and every first wednesday of the month at 7 pm we have online meetings to exchange skills and inspiration with the other volunteers and off course for briefing and questions about the new action. If you need some extra help or have questions in between, you can always email to info@trashless.earth or whatsapp Rosa at 0617008870.

On our site you can post your event and invite members who are living close to your neighbourhood. Also there is the opportunity to exchange and get in touch with other members and volunteers trough our exchange feed. Subscribe to www.trashless.earth to find out more about us and check out the possibilities.

Right now we only accept volunteers who are willing and able to organise one action monthly.

This will take approximately 1 up to 3 hours of your week. Are you an independent worker, would you like to join forces with other concerned people and would you like to be part of the solution?

Please send your personal message to info@trashless.earth and ad your phone number and days and times you are available for a phonecall.

We are looking forward to meeting you!