Let's play for a Trashfree World!
Cero Basura en Bocas
CERO BASURA EN BOCAS is a program product of the Solid Waste Management Committee of Bocas del Toro. The Committee brings together non-governmental organizations such as SEA TURTLES CONSERVANCY (STC), ALIANZA BOCAS and FUNDACION PROMAR, companies such as SCHOOL FOR FIELD STUDIES (SFS) and HABLA YA, and the MUNICIPALITY OF BOCAS DEL TORO, with the ambitious goal of achieving the successful management of the solid waste of the district.
Selina Hostel Peurto Viejo
At the Selina hostels they organise regularly ‘Give back to the community’ actions including beach and jungle cleanups.
Selina Hostel Red Frog Isla Bastimentos
At the Selina hostels they organise regularly ‘Give back to the community’ actions including beach and jungle cleanups.
Selina Hostel Bocas del Toro, Isla Colon
At the Selina hostels they organise regularly activities part of 'Selina Gives back' including beach and jungle cleanups. ​Protecting the Environment: Reforestation Beach Cleanup Town Cleanup Environmental Education ​Open SGB activities: Sharing your Talent: Assisting future “Chef Kids” English instruction for locals Painting, building, and improving local infrastructure Teaching arts & crafts Inclusive surf classes Yoga lessons for locals To support local initiatives that contribute to building the identity and culture of local communities
Trash Hero
Trash Hero started in Thailand in 2013 as a movement with a group of like-minded individuals eager to do something about our local trash crisis. Organising weekly beach clean-ups, we educated volunteers about the effect that waste – and plastic in particular – is having on our environment. Today, the organisation consists of 61 official chapters in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, China, Czech Republic, the United States, Singapore, Zimbabwe and Switzerland. Our latest collected figures, from end of June 2018, show more than 104,000 volunteers worldwide have participated in more than 3600 cleanups, removing almost 597 tons of garbage from beaches and cities. Event participants are sensitised to the global waste problem and are encouraged to return home and take a closer look at what they can do in their day-to-day lives.
The Other Panama
The Other Panama was founded in 2015 with the hope of providing trips and courses that Educate and create Awareness about our seas and their inhabitants, while at the same time giving people unforgettable experiences and memories that will inspire them to conserve what they saw and loved.
Clean Ocean Panama
Clean Ocean Panama
Ecobricks Sri Lanka
"Eco Bricks" are the best solution so far for up-cycling non-recyclable polythene wrappers in the world. It's a simple process but a very meaningful way of trapping those polythene to stop entering them into garbage dumps in the world which ultimately cause a larger problem of microplastics and ocean pollution. We learnt about Eco bricks from Russell Maier. This group is created to bring like-minded people who do care about pollution due to polythene. Also who want to make Eco bricks which are the ultimate way of going on zero waste life cycle.
When we save, segregate and pack plastics into bottles, we can make building blocks that can be reused over and over again. Together we can build green spaces that enrich our community and remove plastic from the biosphere. Together we can transition from plastic to ever greener harmony with Earth’s cycles.
KIDS for the BAY
KIDS for the BAY connects children with nature, turns children on to science, and inspires environmental action.
The Plastic Solution
VISION A world with clean oceans, free from plastic residue, for the future generations MISSION The Plastic Solution is an environmental movement that aims to inspire action from individuals that range from young students to big corporations in the Philippines. Our mission is to preserve the lands and waters on while all life depends on by providing lasting solutions to the plastic pollution through the simple act of stuffing loose plastics into a smaller and compact container. We strive to be a well-known initiative that teaches eco-friendly innovations one bottle at a time.
EcoBrick Exchange
To protect the environment from plastic pollution whilst supporting Early Childhood Development.
Costa Recicla
Nuestra misión es concientizar y formar a la comunidad en la importancia del medio ambiente. Costa Recicla tiene la visión de desarrollarse como un movimiento ambiental que ayude a estimular la mentalidad de la sociedad actual e incentivar acción de parte de todos. Ubicación:
Fluid adventures Panama
In Santa Catalina we have been instrumental in developing the town’s recycling program, encouraging earth and environmental education in the schools, promoting and participating in beach clean ups. We donate to, promote and assist Sea Shepard Panama in their endeavors. We helped to organize spay/neuter programs in the village and will continue to seek other ways to promote Earth conscious activity.
Panama dive center
Rubbish is a big problem here in Santa Catalina. Sadly it is certainly not an exception in Central America, or anywhere else for that matter. Walking down the stunning Santa Catalina coastline you can’t help but notice all the old discarded ‘stuff’ littering the way. Naturally as our home we want to keep the beaches here beautiful, something we can enjoy and be proud of. Here at Panama Dive Centre we are organizing twice monthly beach cleanups to do our part for cleaning up our coastline. However there are much more significant reasons for our beach cleans than simply aesthetic reasons. Littering is a global crisis, but why is it so important to prevent its spread along our coast and beaches?
The Kiwi Bottle Drive
We’re campaigning to get plastic bottles out of our seas with an awesome bottle deposit scheme. Join us to build a zero waste society!
Eco Bus America
Raising awareness about environmental problems by Crossing Latin America in a sustainable bus living on zero-waste and taking with me a mobile cinema! Help this project be a success by donating and I sent you my CD with songs from Latin America sung by me! For more information go to: Recorrer América Latina en una camioneta sustentable, viviendo sin producir basura y llevando un cine móvil para despertar consciencias sobre temas medio ambientales que afectan nuestro planeta. Me ayudas a inspirar al mundo? Si donas a este proyecto te mando un CD de canciones Latino Americanas cantados por mi! Más información:
In gemeente Alphen aan den Rijn en Nieuwkoop vervult Natuurzaam actief een rol op gebied van duurzaamheid. In oktober 2015 organiseerde de oprichter van Natuurzaam, Joost van Berckel, de eerste duurzaamheidsdag op basisschool de Wereldwijzer in Alphen aan den Rijn. Momenteel werken we aan duurzame educatie en projecten rondom Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), NME en zwerfafval.
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