Write letter to companies

How to double your impact during your cleanup?

Use the litterati app and invite as many people as you can to join you.

How to triple your impact after your cleanup?

Tell the companies what you think!

We tend to think we are powerless against big companies who only want to make big money. But there is one thing that makes us more powerfull than they could ever be! And that thing is if we stop buying their products. Public product boycotting gets their attention! Now, of course not everybody is going to stop buying their products straight away, so here is what you can do. Big companies like to think they are popular among their customers. If they sense that more customers have grown aware of and care about the damage their packaging is causing, companies will be more likely to change to save their brand and market.

So how do you do it? Keep track of the majority of brands you find during your cleanup and inform the companies on their social media accounts and by tagging them on yours. For more impact, send them a message or write them an actual letter with signature and trash-item (if you like). For plastic products, all you have to do is to copy and paste the letter below. Fill in the name of the company (after dear), the amount of trash-items you have collected and your name at the end and then push the send button on your email account. Easy peasy.

Example letter

Dear ....

We love your product but your packaging seriously concerns us. While cleaning up our neigbourhood, we have found ... pieces of trash in nature and the majority turned out to be yours. As you might already know, this causes serious damage to many animals, our environment and the health of our future generations.

All of our children and grandchildren, including yours, will suffer serious consequences of micro- and nanoplastics if we do not act right now. We put our hopes on you as one of the major potential changemakers in this field to invest in a cleaner future by making compostable packaging materials and introducing deposit money. Please become a pioneer and a role model for others and invest in a cleaner planet for the health of all future generations to come.

Yours sincerely,