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Since March 2017 I have been working on this very challenging project: ‘Eco Bus America’. In the end of 2018 I will start driving from Patagonia to California with an environmentally friendly VAN. I will take a mobile cinema with me, with the scope of creating awareness about specific environmental issues that I have been studying upon. By doing this I want to encourage people I meet, as well as people that follow me through social media, to live in a more sustainable way.

The environmental issue on which I am going to focus is the enormous use of plastic, and the consequences this has on our planet. I want to show people how they can live an eco-friendly life. I want to achieve this by showing people movies about this subject whilst visiting schools, cultural centres and other public areas. Also, I will be giving presentations and workshops to give people handy advices that can help them make a change.

The journey
Last year I started giving lectures in schools located in Argentina, Brazil and Spain. The impact these lectures had and the reactions I got from people, showed that the technique and combination of showing movies, giving presentations and workshops really worked. Both pupils and teachers took an example of my recommendations on how we can adapt our own habits in a way we do not harm the environment. During my journey I will use as little waste as possible and show how this can be done throughout social media, that I already use and my website that I will start using when I start traveling. That means:
1) I will not buy any food in ‘plastic’ packaging, and I’ll make sure to use as less packaging possible by refilling.
2) I will make my own natural care products, such as toothpaste, deodorant, cleaning products etc..
3) The VAN purchased will be as sustainable as possible and will be equipped with exclusively ecologically friendly products.