• Olga Verheijden posted an update 4 years, 4 months ago

    From this week on, we’re going to post 2 items for your wishlist for all the winter festivities this year… according to us then:):)

    This week:

    1) the refillable coffee cup for your Nespresso machine. You can have a cheap one (from 2,28 euros) or a fancy one (for 14,00 euros) but this an amazing gift for someone who drinks a lot of coffee from a Nespresso machine. You can refill it as many times as you want and save a lotttt of money, but especially cups that are very polluting for the environment.

    2) A 4ocean bracelet. Ok, this small bracelet costs 20 dollars…but(!) it’s made from recycled plastic that comes from the ocean and with every bracelet they take a pound of plastic from the ocean! These guys do great work. Check this video as proof!