• Olga Verheijden posted an update 4 years, 4 months ago

    This is how it works brilliantly! We had such a fun clean-up last Saturday, in Waarderpolder / Haarlem. One of the members of trashless.earth Koos Broekhof organized it and we of trashless.earth supported it💪🏼💚💪🏼

    Koos Broekhof arranged a lot of local sponsors. Everybody really loved the initiative!! Many thanks to Spaarnelanden nv for material, Het Veerkwartier Haarlem for supplying start-up coffee, Het Friethoes for organic fries as human fuel, Uiltje Brewing Company for quenching our thirst with some cold beers, Ruud Zander for supplies gloves, and five21 sports club – Health, Strength, Community & Passion for using their base as final gathering location!

    Thank you so much! The earth is also thankful:)