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I’m Soedeep, a born-and-raised Surinamese dude or ‘swa’ from mixed descent who’s been a dutchie for almost 20yrs. I look of unknown descent but I feel like an ‘Amsterdammer in heart and kidneys’ as they the ol’ dutch saying goes. Yes it does sound weird in English … or, English is the only language all the other languages sound weird in ?.

-edit- due to my rambling-but supposedly funny- ADHD brain, I have to edit several times.
This weird brainquirk also gives me the superpower of obtaining and having indepth knowledge about many subjects, including the ‘plastic problem’, which is still new to me. I collect around half of my plastic garbage to make pieces of Art from them, but most of the objects I make I’m not yet content with. I keep myself busy. Currently doing social work as a new career, exciting times.




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