Let's play for a Trashfree World!
  • Stephanie van der Wiel posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    Hi all! I’m traveling the world documenting indigenous cultures with photographer Jimmy Nelson and in the mean time I’m raising awareness about the plastic pollution problem with the indigenous communities. They live in harmony with planet earth and this is under massive threat. I would love to ask for advice on the question: What do you do with litter when there is no waste disposal or recycling system in play?

    • Hey Stephanie nice to hear from you. We have come acroos a few sollutions on the way , at a cacao farm they were making so called eco-bricks. Which means to fill up the bottles with all the other plastic wrappers and bags and use them as building blocks for fences or even houses in very polluted areas. there are communities busy around the world with eco-bricks. Another sollutionsis to make new products out of it like bags that are sold to tourists that indigneous indians are doing in Bocas Del Toro. But that sollution also required that somebody with marketing skills knows how to bring it to the market and price it right. but perhaps your tribes are to remote for this. When we are back from our travels we would love to meetup and talk about the problems you encountered.