Let's play for a Trashfree World!
  • Stephanie van der Wiel posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    Dear Arthur, thank you! I would love to meet up when you come back. Around which time is that? Most of the communities I visit are not marketing orientated and still living their traditional way of life. Unfortunately they don’t make houses out of plastic etc. The plastic I encounter in those remote places is often so dirty it can’t be used for anything. I wonder what’s the best way to get rid of it, burn, burry etc? I do love the solutions you encountered along the way, glad people are doing this! Thank you!
      • We are back the first of march in holland. ps have or do you also make pictures of the plastic you encounter ? burning has the problem that you generate a lot of other poisonous materials into the air and in the ground. as with ecobricks they seek more for ‘containing’ the problem so it won’t spread out into nature. but if you have big pieces and no bottles around lets look at other ways to get rid of it.

      • @stephanievdwiel When are you back in Holland or already there?