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We are Sealcentre Pieterburen, one of the oldest and best seal rehabilitation centres in the world. We believe in a healthy seal, the indicator for
a healthy sea. On our campus and field station live and work volunteers and researchers from all over the world. By our collective passion and multidisciplinary approach we form a learning community. We transfer our passion to the public and make them aware of our mission.






How can other members help you ?

Join in our monthly beach clean ups in the harbour of Lauwersoog or visit the Sealcentre learn more about our work and what we may have to offer you.

How can you help other members ?

The Sealcentre has a lot of oppertunities for volunteers and interns on various departments; we can offer internships and volunteering positions in the sealcare department, the veterinary and science departments or with our education team. Due to the kind of work we do here, we are a rescue centre and hospital, there can be some heavy times, both emotionally and physically. But, we hope that with the right attitude and professionalism it would be a rewarding and satisfying experience to help those seals in need.

Previous experience with wild animals is not required as there will be full training and reference material given. The preferable candidates are at least 18 years old, will be able to dedicate a length of stay from a minimum of 8 weeks till a max of 24 weeks. Because of the international character of the centre and the campus the main spoken language is English. You need to speak and understand English to qualify for an internship or volunteering position.

We can offer housing for volunteers en interns on our campus. Feel free to ask us for the conditions!