The TrashGame with Litterati app

The TrashGame with Litterati app


  • Invite a fellow trashpicker(s) to the TrashGame
  • Have Bags non transparent ready 2 bags for each person ( 1 bag for brands, 1 for other trash)
  • Gloves and grabbers when available.
  • Download the Litterati app on your phone and test it if not yet installed
  • Join the Trashless.Earth club in Litterati
  • If in the same place set a time to pick items ( you can play more rounds if you like)

Tip: You can also challenge somebody on the community map and keep track of time and stay connected by whatsapp or skype.

Trashgame with Litterati app


How to get points?

  • Biggest collection of the same item: 2 points
  • Biggest amount of collected and tagged items on Litterati: 3 points
  • Highest amount of brands with at least 5 items per brand: 5 points
  • Highest number of items with at least 3 different brands: 5 points
  • Biggest bag of undefinable microplastics: 10 points


  • Count the points and see who has won the trashgame
  • Count all the Litterati items
  • Take a picture with your fellow Player(s) and the collected trashures
  •  Register the played TrashGame
  • Thank you for having fun and make the world a better place

Extra Fun

Extra fun!!

However, not everybody has to be exactly honest while counting the points, so there might be some cheating involved.

If one player does not believe the given result of an other playerr, they can ask for verification and the player has to show their collection to the others.

If that collection equals the points that were given before, the player that called their bluff loses 5 points. If the team that was being verified was lying, they lose 5 additional points and the team who called their bluff gains 5 extra points.