Trashless Snowball challenge

Microplastic challenge - January

Do some research on the products you have in your house that contain microplastics and replace them for saver products.

Also write about it on your social media and inspire others.

How many products can you find in your house and supermarket? We will make a poll of the posts you put on the exchange feed of and the person who brought in the worse product wins.

international strawfree day - February

Can you get your favorite bars to stop using straws? We like to hear your stories!

The person who convinced his bar(s) to stop using straws is the winner. Off course we can only measure it, if you post it on our exchange feed.


3rd of February Straw Free Day

Depositmoney - March

Post a picture with the canns and bottles you find in nature on your social media, with the message to raise and implement deposit money.

Post with the most original message (likes and shares for measurement) and or respond from the government wins.

18th of march day Global Recycling day

Trashhero - April

Interview at least one trashhero from your area.
Have them tell their motivation and purpose in 50 seconds and record them. Spread hope and inspiration by sharing their story on social media and the exchange feed.

Post with the biggest amount of likes / comments on wins

Back to Sender - May

Organise a cleanup and send a letter to the company with the most commonly found brand.

On the site of recycling network you can find most of the free postbox numbers of the companies.

Share your letter on social media and our exchange feed. Post with the biggest amount of likes wins. 

Back to Sender

Beachcleanup - June

Organise a beach cleanup or -walk with friends

Person with the highest trash-impact wins.

8th of June World Oceans Day

Plastic Free July

Try to live without plastic for a month and share about your experiences on our exchange feed

Post with the biggest amount of likes / comments on wins

Plastic Free July

Cigarette butt challenge - August

Gather as many cigarette butts you can find and make a statement (artwork) with it.
Post the pictures on your social media with # Trashlesscigarette and/or on the trashless earth exchange feed

The nicest artworks will be put in an election poll. The artwork with the biggest amount of  votes wins !

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Cleanup challenge september

Organise a cleanup
(see how to guide)

Highest trashimpact wins.

21st of September World Cleanup day

Litterati challenge- October

Download the Litterati app and start using it.

You can compete with others for the ranking list.

Person with the highest number of litterati items registered on the impact map wins


Plasticattack - November

Organise or join a plastic attack. Check out the Let's get started manual on, if you need inspiration + Decide for the goal you want to reach and communicate that to your supermarket and in your event promotion.

Attack with the biggest result (responding supermarket) wins.

Plastic attack UK

Documentary night- December

Join or organise a documentary night to raise awareness about the plastic pollution. Blue planet and “Albatros”  and a Plastic Ocean are a few  beautiful examples.
See the “lets get started” manual on and replace it with the movie of your own choice.

The night with the biggest amount of attendees wins (make a picture and post it on the exchange feed so we can count)....