Aroma Block summer nostalgia

Aroma Block summer nostalgia

Aroma Block summer nostalgia
Date : 2019-07-10

Aroma blend essential oils of Tangerine, Rose, Sandalwood & Vanilla.
Evoking positivism. Sweet & fruity smell, with soft sandalwood and rose aroma.

Aroma Block is a handcrafted fragrance block – 100% natural soy wax, original blends of essential oils & carefully decorated with dried, pressed flowers. Together they make an aroma-therapeutic accessory for your home or workspace.

How to use :

To get the most out of the aromatic scents in Aroma Blocks, it is best to place them in areas where you can be frequently in contact with them, for example:

In winter on a heater: For a full aroma experience we recommend leaving your block on a heater, between 18-25 degrees. Note: Wax softens after 30 degrees, in order to preserve the right form and avoid from melting, move the block aside from direct heat.

Aromatherapy melts: The block is also perfect to use as a melt.

Wardrobe: For that aroma blend smell captured on your clothes.

Bathroom: A perfect bathroom accessory for the zen shower moment.


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