Deodorant Rosemary & Mint

Deodorant Rosemary & Mint

Deodorant Rosemary & Mint
Date : 2019-05-24

This 100% natural, plant-based, animal-friendly deodorant is the reason that you will always smell good.

This fragrance is so refreshing and soothing. It will wake your right up and a great combination for non-morning people.

Rosemary essential oil: refreshing
Mint essential oil: calming & cooling
Baking soda: kills bacteria and prevents odors in this way
Organic shea butter: incredibly moisturizing for your skin and makes the deodorant creamy
Organic coconut oil: ensures that it’s easy to smear it on your skin and it contains antibacterial properties
Vitamin E: to prolong its shelf life and it is also very good for your skin

Vegan & cruelty free
100% recyclable
100% natural ingredients
Plastic free
No Parabens or Fragrances


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