Litter fishing in the Leiden Canals

Let's play for a Trashfree World!

Litter fishing in the Leiden Canals

Litter fishing in the Leiden Canals
Date : 2019-03-09
Start time : 11:00
End time: 14:30
Address: Haven 100, 2312 ML Leiden
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This Saturday Plastic Soup Surfer Merijn Tinga will be in the Leiden canals for some serious litter fishing. We will depart from the Zijlpoort at 11:00 and paddle to the Aalmarkt, making sure we’ll arrive at 12:00. There will be suppers and a team on land, making the city centre litter free!


11:00: departure from the Zijlpoort
12.00: canoe and supper fleet litter fishing
12.00: team on land collects litter and hands out flyers
13.30: end of cleaning session
13.30-14.30: ceremonial ending (closing the tap) and short statements by Merijn Tinga, Yvonne van Delft (with a proviso) /Martine Leewis (with a proviso), Waldo von Faber.

Partners and organisation: Water Natuurlijk in collaboration with Supschool Leiden, Sup Cleanup, Daniël Siepman, Onder water in Leiden, Canal Cups, Downies en Brownies Leiden and the Leidse Rederij.

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